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This positive reception set Play Raven on the path to launching more innovative titles that challenge the current mobile gaming conventions of today employing an international team of hand-picked industry veterans with years of experience from famous companies in both mobile and AAA console development.We have released three games to date, all of which have gained top 5 chart positions across the globe.Use one or more of these fantastic games to help you and your guests have a blast at your New Year’s bash!To help your browsing go more smoothly, we have divided up the games into these separate stacks of books and slide under it. After each player has taken a turn, take a book off each stack and play again. The winner is the last person who is able to slide under the broom without knocking it off. – Print off pictures that you have taken with your family throughout the year, hide them all over your house (or any other designated area), and send your family or guests on a scavenger hunt to find the pictures.This is a fun way to look back at (and remember) great memories that happened through the year during your New Year’s party!– Fill balloons with money or trinkets to turn your Christmas tree into a New Year’s tree using the items (sparklers, New Year’s party hats, or glasses).EVE Online is a vast, community-driven space MMO where players can play for free, choosing their own path.The new Arms Race release gives players even more for free now, including access to all ships up to Battleship class, across any faction.

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– This is another fun version of counting down to midnight.Get some balloons, put papers with designated activities and games to do in them, and pop the balloon at the designated time for some awesome New Year’s fun!– Print off lots of pictures of family outings throughout the year. Whomever says what event the picture represents gets a point (there are lots of variations on the game).By the end you should have a huge, over-sized ball.Then take turns unwrapping the ball and keeping prizes (the site has all the instructions on how to play the game).

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