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It seemed that his grandmother was the only person who ever cared about Devon.He had fond memories of baking cookies with her and celebrating birthday picnics with her at the zoo watching the seals.Lily and Devon brought around the SUV to pick them up, but she lost control when it skidded on the ice and struck Neil.Later at the hospital, Neil made peace with Malcolm, asking him to take care of his family in case he didn't make it through surgery.Later when Lily realized that he was lying, Devon told her that he had been shuttled from one group home to another ever since he was taken from his crack head mother, and that his father was dead.He admitted that he was currently living in a foster home, but that he was about to be kicked out for his bad behavior.Devon became part of the Winters family, learning table manners, and getting caught up on his education by reading books.Neil was hesitant, but Dru plotted to make the arrangement permanent, and lied to Ms.

Later that night when he was discovered missing, Sierra told them to check the zoo.

Just as the bubbly and sweet Lily was finally getting through to Devon, and he started helping out and treating everyone better, Devon was told by his social worker, Lorena Davis, that there was no group home available so he'd have to be sent to a Level 12 facility which sounded more like jail.

Lily's mother Drucilla got to know the boy and saw herself at that age, remembering how she had gone down the wrong road until Nathan Hastings had rescued her and taught her to read.

Arrested for trashing a Las Vegas hotel room; charges dropped, was not him [2013] Arrested for homicide of Hilary [Sep 2015] Lily Winters spent the summer of 2004 as a volunteer working on Victor Newman's Community Service project to turn a vacant factory into a Rec Center for the tough neighborhood it was in.

Lily met troubled teen Devon, who was belligerent and just hung around watching and resenting the rich kids who were helping the neighborhood kids fix up the new Market Street Recreation Center.

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