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Dust the surfaces, make the bed and vacuum the floor. Avoid displaying images of your friends and family members in your bedroom.

Instead, feature images of you and your significant other on vacation or choose images of destinations that you find romantic, such as the beach. Crushed velvet, satin or silk exude a romantic feeling and are well suited choices for the comforter and throw blankets.

There is no easier and more convenient way of meeting casual sex partners than a website dedicated to hooking up open minded adults. Forget the stereotypical views you have of people who respond to adult personal ads.

Believe it or not, most of our members are very normal people, not the kind you may associate with online sex dating. Whether they simply love sex and want more of it, are too busy with a demanding career to focus on a serious relationship or are in a sexless or unfulfilling relationship.

Everything you’ll need to start your own intimate game of Never Have We Ever can be printed out on just a few sheets of cardstock, to create a spicy deck of playing cards.

The set of cards that Courtney from Paperelli created is not your average deck, it’s bright, colorful and enhanced with oh-so-sexy lacy details that help set the perfect, intimate mood.

It was an opportunity to be honest and talk to each other about our similarities and differences and give each other ideas about fun things to try in the future.

I remember talking about everything from “Never have I ever failed a test.” to “Never have I ever eaten sushi!

We’d talk and laugh about new adventures we tried or were definitely way too scared to try.

If you done the announced action, you put down a finger.

Once all your fingers are down, you’ve lost, so if you’re super adventures and a huge risk-taker, it’s not a game you’re going to win but it’s still fun to play.

In case you or your spouse needs a last-minute refresher on how to play the game, we’ve included the basic rules on two of the cards.

To start playing, just hold up your fingers and take turns pulling cards.

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